20 Lego Storage Ideas You Can Buy Today

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20 lego storage ideas

There are plenty of Lego storage ideas out there, but one quick look and you’ll see that most require a fair amount of DIY skill.

I really commend those who have the patience and ability to collect all the materials, tools and paint and can then dedicate a day on the weekend to build something unique for their children…. I do love simple projects but most of what I’ve seen is out of my league!

So I decided take a simpler approach and I’ve found many great options which can be bought today to solve the Lego storage problem in our house. With no DIY required.

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Lego Playmat and Storage Combos

Finding ways to deal with the incredible mess Legos tend to leave after playtime is a rather frustrating task. However, it doesn’t need to be.

These fantastic ideas combine both the playmat with storage. These are fairly nifty to have on hand for a few different reasons. Not only are they easy for kids to use on their own, Lego playmats make it super easy for them to haul their Legos anywhere they desire.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Small Storage Case

This particular Lego playmat and storage container is a smaller one, but it is superb for long road trips and children who are otherwise always “on-the-go”.

Designed to look like the Millennium Falcon, it zips open to reveal a play area themed like the inside of the ship! This case is made to hold around 200 Lego bricks in the main storage space and it also has twenty-seven small pockets for minifigures and other small toys.

That is just the right amount of Legos for hours of Star Wars-themed fun. Plus, the case has a built-in handle on the outside that makes it super easy for kids to lug those Legos around on their own. This Star Wars-themed storage case is perfect for any fan. Buy on Amazon.

Lay-n-Go Lifestyle Activity Mat

This really neat Lego playmat and storage combination offers either 44 inches or 60 inches of play space when it’s spread out flat. Another cool feature is that the inside of the playmat/storage bag has two large mesh pockets for storing smaller toys, plus a velcro pocket on the outside so that kids have easier access to them.

Once it’s time to clean up, just leave the toys on the playmat and then use the pull cord closure to shrink it down to a manageable size for storing.

The handy backpack straps on the bag makes it easy to hang it out of the way and is easier than a shoulder strap for kids to carry their legos around. More info on Amazon here for the 44″ version or here for the 60″ version.

LEGO City Toy Box and Playmat

As the name of this product implies, this specific City-themed Lego playmat doubles as a toy box for an all-in-one storage solution once playtime is over.

The toy box is designed to be turned into a playmat by unzipping the sides of the toy box so that it can be spread out flat. Doing so exposes an empty roadway surrounded by a green landscape for building a city upon. When it’s time to clean up, the playmat can be zipped right back up into a medium-sized toy box that can easily hold over a thousand Legos – a really neat storage idea. The toy box also features a lid that is held on by velcro straps and carrying handles on either end of it to make carrying it from one room to another an easy task. Buy on Amazon.

Lego Bag Mats

 etsy-bag-2 etsy-bag-3

If you like the Lego playmat draw string bag offered by Lay-n-Go, but would rather have something a little more personalized to your individual needs or tastes, then there are plenty of options for you to choose from over on Etsy.

A few different sellers offer to hand-make personalized Lego playmats that double as terrific storage bags to meet all of your Lego storage needs. There are a wide range of sizes, colors and styles of Lego bag mats offered on the Etsy website – and several of the retailers listed there even allow you to add your child’s name to the finished product as well! See the full range on Etsy.

Lego Storage Containers and Organizers

While drawstring Lego playmats are great (especially for younger kids), they don’t offer much in the way of keeping all of those Legos sorted so they are easy to find and work with.

However, there are plenty of Lego storage containers and organizers available which solve this very problem. Some of these storage ideas are also a lot of fun for kids to use as they clean up that mess after playtime – well, that’s the hope I have for my kids!

The fact that some of these items can also serve as pretty awesome room decor is a rather nice bonus feature too.

LEGO Storage Head

This large-sized Lego storage container is not only great for storing all those Legos, it also doubles as a cool decorative piece. It is shaped like the head of a Lego minifigure and makes a great addition to any Lego lover’s collection.

Coming in at roughly 10 inches in height and 9 inches in diameter, this storage container is able to hold a rather large number of Legos and it is fairly easy to move from place to place. Buy on Amazon.

Box4Blox Toy Sorter and Storage Container


Unlike the one listed above, this nifty storage system doesn’t just store your massive Lego collection, it can help you sort all those little pieces too!

Made up of 4 trays, three sorting grids and a lid, this container works by tilting and gently shaking it as you put your Legos into it. Doing this lets all the smallest pieces fall to the bottom tray while leaving the larger pieces in each of the levels above, depending on their sizes.

After the mess is cleaned up, simply pop the lid onto the top tray and carefully store the whole container out of the way. Buy on Amazon.

LEGO Storage Bin

lego storage bin

The storage bins offered by Lego are a great solution to help with all of that Lego clutter. These bins can easily be stacked out of the way, one on top of another, and they are offered in a small range of sizes and colors. They are also lightweight which makes them very easy to transport.

Each one of these Lego storage bins include a removable tray – divided into nine compartments – to make organizing those tiny pieces a little bit easier and help keep them right at hand. This is a great feature because it eliminates the need to dump the entire container out just to find a few small pieces on the bottom. Buy on Amazon.

Blockpod Storage Containers and Organizers

This is one of the most innovative Lego storage ideas which I’ve come across. It is a 4 tiered storage container that easily doubles as a sorter by simply switching from the provided pod dividers to the sorting grids. After everything is sorted properly, just put the lid on and you can use the handle to carry the container anywhere.

The best thing about this particular container and organizer system is that it can grow with your individual storage needs. The company allows you to buy individual pods, dividers and sorting grids to add onto the original 4 tiers. This means you’ll always have enough storage! Buy on Amazon.

Lego Storage Bricks

lego storage brick

These Lego storage containers can actually serve a few different functions. They can be used to store your child’s Lego collection, they can be used as decor in any room and they can be used as actual Legos – which helps save you some space and gives your kids an extra opportunity to explore their imaginations.

Lego storage bricks are available in eight classic Lego colors, four different sizes (1 peg, 2 pegs, 4 pegs and 8 pegs) and 3 fun shapes. Buy on Amazon.

Sterilite Large Storage Boxes with Latches (6 Pack)

If you are short on space then these storage boxes are a great lego storage idea. They are large enough to hold regular sized paper, yet slim enough to either fit right under your child’s bed or stack up on a small shelf.

These containers are clear and shallow with lids that stay latched on by their easy-to-use handles. That feature is awesome because it means the boxes are hard to spill but still easy enough to get into that kids can use them without any help. It also means that they are super easy for children to pull out and carry around all by themselves. Buy on Amazon.

Akro-Mils Hardware and Craft Cabinet

This is one of the best Lego storage ideas if you want to keep them sorted by size, shape or color! Plus, you can either stack the cabinets on top of one another or mount them on the wall to help save some yourself a little more space.

This particular model comes with 44 virtually unbreakable, pull out drawers in two different sizes: twelve large drawers and 32 small drawers. Each drawer has a rear stop tab to help keep them from being pulled too far out, which means no more frustrating spills!

This company also offers other storage cabinets in varying size and drawer combinations. Buy on Amazon.

6 Level Workstation and Storage Unit

This activity chest with removable storage cases and organizer top is another great space-saving option to consider. It stands roughly 2 feet high and its rectangular shape makes it perfect for any corner in your child’s room.

There are 6 large cases included and each one has easy-to-use snap closures to help keep them from spilling open. The cases also have convenient carrying handles to easily pull them out of the activity chest and take them to any room desired.

As an added bonus, the top of the chest doubles as an organizer station and is divided into three sections. This is a great place to store all of those booklets that come with the Lego kits, as well as small or often used pieces. Buy on Amazon.

ECR4Kids Mobile Organizer Carts

The mobile organizer carts from ECR4Kids are more products that weren’t specifically designed for Lego, however, the 10 and 12 drawer models work perfectly when you’re looking for lego storage ideas!

They are made with sturdy steel frames and have beautifully colored drawers in both small and large sizes. The metal shelves on top of the carts also offer additional storage opportunities.

Both the 10 drawer and the 12 drawer cart models are on wheels to make moving the whole system around much easier. Another nice component to these carts is that each of the drawers are completely removable – which makes it easier to search through a specific drawer of Legos or simply take a drawer or two of them with you to another room. Buy on Amazon.

Lego Storage Tables and Furniture

Lego storage tables  are great for a few different reasons.

They not only offer a convenient building surface for the kids to play at, they also encourage children to keep their Legos in one designated spot – which makes for quick and easy clean up when playtime is done!

LEGO Education Three Seat Playtable

This particular Lego storage table is really neat. It has 3 extra large, built-in Lego baseplate building stations – these are 15 inch square Lego baseplates compared to the usual 10 inch squares that are offered with other storage tables – and it has a removable Lego storage bin in the center, for easy access to all those pieces.

Another plus, is that the table also comes with 3 matching chairs – one for each baseplate building station – but due to its innovative design, it can easily accommodate up to 6 children at a time. Buy on Amazon.

Oak Colored Play Table with Storage Drawers

Another fabulous choice for someone trying to accommodate 6 or more kids at playtime, is this lovely oak colored play table with drawers.

This Lego storage table is completely handmade from Poplar wood, has reinforced legs and stands 29 inches tall – which means that it is super sturdy and tall enough for an adult to comfortably sit at.

The table also comes with eight green Lego baseplates that can be removed from the table top and three roomy storage drawers that can either be attached to the table or set out of the way to ensure there is enough room for chairs. The choice is yours.

This table and the one below are sold on Amazon by Fight Back for Autism who help families get access to full medical & therapy services – buying one of these tables supports a great cause. Buy on Amazon.

Birch-Colored Lego Play Table

If you are short on space, this table might work just fine for you. This small square table has a group of 4 square Lego baseplates (each one is 10 inches by 10 inches in size) glued to the top of it for a nice building area. It also has felt pads on the bottom of each table leg to help prevent scratching of wood floors.

This sturdy table stands about 22 inches tall and can easily accommodate up to 4 children at a time. The design of this table also makes it perfect for leaving their creations on when playtime is over. No extra clean-up is needed and everything is already waiting for them the next time they want to build something. Buy on Amazon.

Custom Lego Table by SchaferCrafts

custom lego table

This handmade table offered by SchaferCrafts is another great space-saving option and it can also be found over on Etsy. This small table can accommodate multiple children at playtime and is fully customizable.

The table itself can be ordered in 5 different colors and with your choice of either 3 or 6 storage buckets that can hang from hooks off the sides of the table, or request to have no hooks at all. You can also choose between 3 different colors for the Lego baseplates that come attached to the top of the table, as well as whether or not you would like to have your child’s name added to the finished product. Buy on Etsy.

Lego Table with Storage Shelf by LegoMyTable


A good option for someone who needs to accommodate 6 or more children at playtime would be this large (35” by 21”) customized Lego table offered by LegoMyTable over on Etsy.

This very sturdy table has a full-length shelf attached underneath of it for storage and you can keep even more stuff on the floor under the shelf if you need to. It comes in a few different finishes and you can customize the color of the Lego baseplates that go on the top of the table to your liking. More info here.

Lego Table by SewArtsyCreations

lego table with drawer

This Lego table is very similar to the birch colored play table listed above, however, this one is a little more customizable to your own preferences. Plus, the removable drawer that is stored underneath the table top gives it even more storage capabilities!

Perfect for small spaces, this 4 person table is available to order in 7 different colors. You can also choose between 3 different colors for the storage bin and 6 colors for the Lego baseplates that come with the table. This means you can mix or match colors to your, or your child’s, liking. More info on Etsy here.

IKEA’s Trofast Storage Combinations

Ikea Trofast

This last item isn’t a Lego storage table, but it is a terrific line of customizable storage furniture that can house all of your children’s toys – including their Lego collections. That probably sounds like a big win to you, I’m sure!

Ikea designed this series to be extremely sturdy and low to the ground so that your kids can easily reach every surface. This is meant to encourage them to organize and put away their own toys, without the need for much help from you.

Each of the storage frames in this line can be filled with various sizes of colorful storage bins or they can be divided up into cubbies by using some shelving units instead. Due to the fact that the storage bins and shelving units are easy to remove, you can change the layout of the frame any time that you want as well. More info here.

I hope these Lego storage ideas have shown that you don’t need to be a DIY master to keep legos under control in your house!

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