Motorcycle Rocking Horse – 5 Kinds Of Awesome

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Motorcycle Rocking Horse

A selection of 5 motorcycle rocking horses, plus DIY plans for the gifted among us.

1. KidKraft Rockin’ Motorcycle

Made from wood & plastic with a leatherette seat, the KidKraft Rockin’ Motorcycle also plays realistic sounds at the push of a button. 3 color options are available for boys and girls who are more into hogs than hooves. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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2. Rockabye Lil’ Biker

Not to leave the little ones out of the fun, the Rockabye Lil’ Rocker is suitable for 9 months and up. The frame is made in America from solid maple hardwood and it plays music, but no motorcycle noises unfortunately!

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3. Motocross Rocking Horse

Dirtbike Rocking Horse

This motocross rocker is available to buy on for delivery in the US only. Made to order from poplar and pine this is sure to excite any youngster who loves dirt bikes. These were made to order on Etsy for a while, but unfortunately are no longer available.

4. RockOn V-Twin Motorcycle

rockon motorcycle

This is one sweet looking ride. Handcrafted from hardwood and easy to assemble, this V-twin rocker is sturdy enough to be handed down through generations. The broad foot boards provide a secure footing for kids as young as 2 through to 5.

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5. Handmade Ducati Rocker

ducati rocking horse

How good does this Ducati rocking horse look – just like mommy or daddy’s motorcycle! Handmade to order from plywood with a leather seat and rubber handgrips & footpegs. It measures 48in long and ships worldwide from Russia.

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6. DIY Motorcycle Rocker

motorcycle rocking horse plans

These motorcycle rocking horse plans are available to buy on Amazon. With the right tools and materials this shouldn’t be too difficult thanks to the detailed templates and instructions. The finished example looks fantastic and would surely become a treasured heirloom.

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  1. I would like to know if I could purchase the plans for RockOn V-Twin Motorcycle rocking horse

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