Wireless Headphones for Kids and Teens

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Premium Wireless Headphones

Puro Sound Labs Kids Wireless

Puro Sound Labs - Kids Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

  • 85dB Volume Limit
  • Durable Aluminum
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 200 Hours Standby 18 Hours Continuous
  • Passive Noise Cancelling
  • Colors: Black, Silver/White, Tan/Gold

Most Popular Wireless Headphones

LilGadgets Untangled Pro

LilGadgets - Untangled Pro Children's Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

  • 93dB Volume Limit
  • Tough Polycarbonate
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 180 Hours Standby 12 Hours Continuous
  • Passive Noise Cancelling
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White,

Why Wireless for Kids Headphones?

Do your kids sit still quietly, not run around and not fidget with everything within reach? No? Mine neither – that’s why wireless wireless headphones for kids are so great! No cord means nothing to annoy them, catch on furniture or get in the way.

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Here’s what to look for when buying a set of wireless headphones for kids:

Volume Limiting

Some wireless headphones are advertised as fitting both adults and kids, but are not volume limited. Limiting the maximum volume is very important to protect young ears from early hearing loss, especially as the headphones can be worn for extended periods.

Kids Sizing

This is mainly relevant for little ones that the headphones are specifically for children. My 6 year old loves wearing hers but there’s no way my adult size ones will fit comfortably on her head. Headphones made specifically for children are also lighter and less bulky.

Reliable Connectivity

The most common complaint with inferior headphones is that they won’t connect wirelessly, or only connect sometimes. Take a good look through the reviews of any models you’re considering and especially look for any reviews leaving only 1 or 2 stars. The best wireless headphones for kids such as the 2 we’ve chosen are clearly better than others for wireless connectivity.

Noise Isolation

Headphones which block out external noise mean the volume doesn’t need to be turned up high, so even with a volume liming function they can work effectively on airplanes and other noisy environments. We haven’t been able to find any active noise cancelling headphones for kids (possibly due to the high cost?) but the ones we’ve chosen rate highly for noise isolation.

Battery Life

The battery life possible these days is really impressive – both of the models we’ve picked will last for at least 180 hours on standby and a minimum of 12 hours continual use.

Premium – Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Bluetooth Headphones

Puro BT2200


These Puro kids headphones will seriously impress parents, kids and teens. The 4 color selections of black, silver/white, purple/white or blue/black plus the clean design are especially appealing to fashion conscious kids. The ear cups and headband are made of aluminum making them lightweight, yet they maintain a solid feel.

The durability from the high quality materials and construction will outlast many pairs of cheaper headphones, making these excellent value. The soft, supple ear pads are extremely comfortable and lend themselves to hours of use without annoyance or irritation.

A soft bag is included to protect them and keep all cords together, and a hard case is also available here.


The combination of the soft ear pads and aluminum cups on the Puro kids headphones is very effective at blocking background noise, making them perfect for noisy environments such as airplanes. This means the volume doesn’t need to be increased to dangerous levels to overcome the background noise. As additional peace of mind for parents, Puro Sound Labs’ Healthy Ears® Hearing Protection limits the volume from exceeding 85dB.

The 40 mm custom dynamic drivers deliver studio grade sound which is probably not so important for young kids, but teens will certainly appreciate the quality.

Battery & Controls

Listen to music for hours and hours without worrying if the battery may die, as they’ll operate for 18 hours and 200 hours on standby. As a nice addition, a wall charger is included which can be more convenient than charging from a computer. If you do happen to run out of batteries, a cord is included which maintains the 85dB volume limit.

All controls as well as the USB charging port and wired connection socket are on the left earcup:

  • Bluetooth button (also play/pause)
  • On/Off slide switch
  • Volume up button
  • Volume down button

Puro Sound BT2200 Controls

All controls are neatly laid out with dedicated power and volume buttons for ease of use.

They also feature an integrated microphone with the Bluetooth button used to answer incoming calls.

These are fantastic wireless headphones for children of all ages. When looking at what else is popular with teens, the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Kids Bluetooth Wireless Headphones really do offer outstanding value when compared to brands such as Beats which don’t limit the volume.


Available on Amazon:

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Headphones – All Colors

Puro Sound Labs Hard Carry Case

User Manual:

Most Popular – LilGadgets Untangled Pro

LilGadgets Untangled Pro


The LilGadgets Untangled Pro children’s wireless bluetooth headphones are the most popular wireless headphones for kids on Amazon. The 6 color options, including black, blue, green, pink, purple, and white offer plenty of choice, though the brighter colors are more sought after by younger kids. The earcups are made from tough polycarbonate and the headband from stainless steel. This makes them very forgiving to bending and stretching – perfect for the intended age of 4 and up.

The SoftTouch breathable mesh material on the ear pads and headband is designed for comfort. This allows them to be used for hours without irritation. Also, the ear pads have been designed with children in mind, employing some thoughtful engineering to ensure they won’t fall off. This is especially handy for parents – if you’ve already tried cheaper headphones you’ll know the frustration from refitting earpads which come off at the worst possible time!

A microfiber bag is included to ensure that everything stays together and the bag is also perfect for cleaning your device screens.

Shareport Audio Sharing

The clever Shareport feature allows 2 headphones to be connected to one another using a 3.5mm headphone cable. With the first set of headphones connected wirelessly, this allows 2 kids to simultaneously listen to the same device. Perfect for watching an an iPad while minimizing the hassle of tangling cords.

LilGadgets Shareport


The LilGadgets Untangled Pro 40 mm speakers are volume limited to 93 dB without sacrificing sound quality. While the limit is a bit higher than the Puro Sound Labs model, volume limiting is essential for kids wireless headphones. The earcups are designed to provide sound isolation to block external noises, which enables them to be effective at a lower volume – the volume limiting and sound isolation go hand-in-hand.

Battery & Controls

These are another set of headphones capable of marathon usage, operating for up to 12 hours continuously and 180 hours on standby. Charging is via the USB port with the included charging cable. A 4 foot, 3.5mm cable is also included to use them when the battery is running low, or to connect to non-Bluetooth enabled devices.

The Shareport output is located on the right earcup and all controls are on the left earcup, as well as the USB charging port and 2.5mm input socket:

  • Power/Bluetooth button
  • Previous/Volume up
  • Play/Pause
  • Next/Volume down

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Controls

Volume control and track selection are via the rocker dial pictured above. Volume is changed by pushing and holding the dial up or down, whereas track selection is a momentary push of the dial up or down. Play/pause is achieved by pressing the dial in.

A microphone is also featured which seems to be the norm on all bluethooth headphones.

Overall, these are brilliant wireless headphones particularly for younger kids with the choice of bright colors and the ability to connect another set of headphones using the Shareport.


Available on Amazon:

LilGadgets Untangled Pro – All Colors

User Manual:

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