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best play kitchen for boys and girls

Best Play Kitchens for Boys and Girls

My list of the best play kitchens based on their size - 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small kitchens for kids.

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The Best Cheap Nerf Guns For Kids

The range of cheap Nerf guns is huge and many are well under the $20 mark. Here are our picks for the best cheap nerf guns available today.

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best kids polaroid camera - Polaroid Snap blue

Polaroid Snap or Fuji Instax? Best Instant Camera For Kids

Instant cameras are so much fun - which camera is the best for kids?

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best swing set

Best Backyard Swing Sets For Any Budget

The 10 best swing sets for any budget. Warning: your kids may never want to come back indoors!

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20 lego storage ideas you can buy today

20 Lego Storage Ideas You Can Buy Today

20 Lego storage ideas you can buy today!

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Puro BT2200

Wireless Headphones for Kids and Teens

2 of the best tangle-free wireless headphones for kids and teens.

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fisher price snugapuppy

What Are The Best Baby Swings for 2016?

Don't buy an infant swing until you've read this buying guide and review of the 3 best swings for babies in 2016.

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Smiley face pancake pan

Smiley Face Pancake Pan

Kick breakfast up to the next level with the Smiley Face Pancake Pan.

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Art & Craft


Halloween Coffin and Skeleton Banner Craft

Halloween is easily my favorite holiday for decorating so I've made a new banner with coffin and skeleton shapes. Here's the step by step how to make it!

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50 bug crafts for kids

50 Bug Crafts for Kids

What is it about kids & bugs? If you're looking for insect & bug craft ideas I've pulled together a list of 50 to help you on your way.

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dragonfly spoon craft

Spoon Dragonfly & Pom-Pom Grasshopper Crafts

These dragonfly and grasshopper crafts are cheap and easy to make, super cute plus lots of fun!

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completed halloween crafts

Popsicle Halloween Scene Crafts

If you are anything like me, then you probably LOVE decorating for the holidays. These popsicle Halloween scenes are super fun & easy to make!

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