Montessori Toys & Puzzles for Toddlers

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Montessori toys & puzzles for toddlers are perfect for early childhood development. These activities are very important for brain development and these sort and stack toys will get your child on the right path.

What are Montessori Toys?
Montessori toys are usually made from natural materials and designed to be self correcting so a child can see for themselves if it looks "right". This promotes independent thinking and problem solving.

Plan Toy Shape and Sort It Out

The colors of this toy are very inviting and also non-toxic. Parents should all agree this is a win-win. The box itself serves as a great storage container after play time is over. Unlike other shape sorting toys, this one doesn’t need an adult to open the box and remove the shapes, so the child will need no assistance once they have learned the concept. Without any latches or hinges any child is able to pull the lid straight off. This is perfect for when toddlers want to gain a bit of independence.


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Hape Color and Shape Sorter

This toy is perfect for little hands. Sorting should be a blast with these bright colors made from non-toxic, child safe paint. Each block’s color and length makes it unique.

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Wooden Flatbed Truck and Shape Sorter

“All natural” is inquired very often in today’s society and a toy couldn’t be more natural than this one. This particular development toy is made from a variety of wood including cherry, walnut, maple, and mahogany with the different wood tones used to group the shapes instead of different colored paint. Parents will be happy know that this is a child-safe toy with a beeswax wood finish and nontoxic glue.


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Colored Cylinder Sorting Game

Teaching your child the basics with this Montessori toy will be a blast. Order the cylinders from longest to shortest in each separate color. Perfect for little ones to learn about relative sizes, grouping similar objects and number concepts. Once this task has been mastered you can move on to teaching more challenging tasks including performing the exercise blind folded and building a tower.


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Plan Toys Cone Sorting

Help your child develop sorting and problem solving skills with this multi-dimensional stacking cone make from organic recycled rubber wood. This toy will help with the understanding of height, depth, size and sequence of sorting and stacking. Stack the cylinders correctly first, followed by the conical rings to complete the shape.

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