Leachco Podster Baby Lounger

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Leachco Podster Baby Lounger

This Leachco Podster baby lounger is a great alternative if a baby beanbag isn’t working for you or your child, or simply when you need second pair of hands. 

Baby beanbags are great for nap time and during or after feeding, but can be awkward for newborns who tend to sit “on” the beanbag and less “in” it. A baby lounger such as the Leachco Podster is a hammock style seat where the center section is suspended and lower to the ground, so it doesn’t require a harness or straps. This creates a comfortable, body hugging space which also supports your baby’s head while being soft enough to reduce flat head syndrome.

The deeply contoured sides, adjustment strap and fully removable and washable cover make this very practical and useful for little ones. Even with the adjustment strap on the smallest position some newborns might be a bit too small to be properly supported, but a folded blanket in the center will raise them up to a more comfortable level. With the strap undone it can accommodate larger babies, or even be used as a seat for toddlers.

Why do other owners love the Podster baby lounger?

  • Reduces acid reflux
  • 1 parent can bottle feed twins at the same time
  • Easy option for napping when away from home
  • No harness straps, so perfect for swaddled babies
  • Great for taking photos of your baby (seriously!)

The negative reviews on Amazon (7% of the total) cited the following reasons:

  • Newborns sink into the middle too much. Others had noted the same and used a folded blanket under their child until they were bigger
  • Positioning the pillow back into the cover after washing can be difficult
  • Some babies find it uncomfortable on a hard floor
  • Some babies just don’t like it

Overall, the Leacho Podster gets 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.








For older children…

Take a look at the Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger


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