Razor RX200 vs E200

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With the release of Razor’s first off road electric scooter, the RX200, you might be wondering how it compares to the E200 on which it is based. They both share the same size, power and top speed, but off road use is going to be a lot more punishing than cruising the pavement. Razor has taken this into account with a number of key differences to make it a natural off-roader.

Razor RX200Razor E200

First of all, let’s look at the specs:

Razor RX200


Razor E200 (E200s E225 E250)


Tires8" Pneumatic rubber off-road8" Pneumatic rubber
Drive TypeChain with freewheelChain
Weight46 lbs40 lbs
Variable ThrottleNN
Top Speed12 mph12 mph
BrakesHand operated rear discHand operated rear
Max ride time/distance40 minutes40 min
Max Rider Weight154 lbs154 lbs
OtherStrengthened riser handlebars & off-road gearing


Differences between RX200 and E200


Off-road tires feature on the RX200 compared to smooth tires on the E200. The center section of the RX200 tires are smooth so it will roll well on pavement, but with the knobby sides it’ll also grip and turn well in the dirt.

RX200 Tire


Being built tough for off-road has resulted in a slightly heavier scooter – the RX200 weighs 6lbs more than the E200 at 46lbs vs 40lbs.


The E200 has a tried and true rear brake which operates by pulling a belt tight around a drum. Perfect for a paved environment, but with a lot of dirt and dust, disc brakes are far better and more reliable just as you see on mountain bikes. The rear disc on the RX200 is a welcome upgrade and should be great for doing mad skids in the dirt!


Razor claim the gearing has been altered for off-road use to deal with the additional rolling resistance of dirt over pavement. In addition the rear hub has a freewheel (similar to a bicycle) to allow the scooter to coast easily.


There are 3 main upgrades to the handlebar design for a safer ride.

  • Clamp at the base is longer and features 3 bolts instead of 2.
  • Top section has been redesigned to be similar to BMX handlebars to cope with the fatigue and extra stresses of off-road riding.
  • The handlebars are wider which offers more control for rough riding.

Grip tape

Things can get a bit rough and unpredictable when riding off the pavement so it’s great to see the grip tape covers the entire surface of the RX200 deck, from the front all the way to the rear.


As you can see, the RX200 may look very similar to the E200, however it has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to deal with the harshness of off-road riding. With the clever tire design, upgraded rear brake and strengthened handlebars, the RX200 could be the perfect all rounder for kids – both on road and off.


Amazon has some great deals on the RX200, E200 and E200s:

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