Top 10 Play Food Sets

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While searching for the best play kitchen to buy my kids, I noticed that almost none of the available options include any food or kitchen accessories!

So once I decided which kitchen to buy, I started looking for some fun play food sets to accompany it.

After carefully comparing many different ones, I trimmed my list of favorites down to ten of the most popular options. I have included that list below (in no particular order) to help make your search for the best play food set super easy.

1. KidKraft – Tasty Treats Play Food Set


One of the most popular play food sets available is this one from KidKraft. Made with BPA-free plastic, this food set pairs best with any of the wooden kitchen sets they offer.

This particular play food set is designed to provide hours of entertainment to children aged three years and over. It includes just over a hundred pieces, such as fruits, veggies, desserts, some entrée items, snack foods and more.

Plus, there are no cardboard pieces to worry about accidentally destroying – even the drink cartons and food boxes are plastic! A win-win for everyone in my opinion. Buy on Amazon.

2. Mommy Please – 125 Piece Deluxe Play Food Set


This deluxe play food set offered by Mommy Please is a fabulous choice for children aged three years and up. Made from a strong and colorful plastic, the pieces of this set are durable and appealing.

It also offers more food options than others do with its selection of a hundred and twenty-five pieces. Plus, there are organic options mixed in and food fact labels for even more learning opportunities. Hours of fun await with this play food set! Buy on Amazon.

3. Melissa & Doug – Slice and Bake Cookie Set


If you have a little baker in your life, this cookie set is the perfect addition to their play kitchen! It is made from a durable, high-quality wood that won’t splinter and painted with colorful, lead-free paints. For added safety, Velcro holds the pieces of this set together instead of magnets.

With this set, kids can “slice” cookie dough into twelve portions, “bake” them in their oven and then decorate each one. Plus, it comes with a wooden cookie sheet, a knife, a spatula and an oven mitt for added fun. Buy on Amazon.

4. Melissa & Doug – Cutting Food Play Set


Another great wooden play food set from Melissa & Doug. Every one of these sturdy pieces is beautifully painted with realistic details using vibrant, lead-free paints. Designed for children ages three to five years old, this set is a fun addition to any play kitchen!

The pieces are held together with small Velcro tabs and make a nice “crunch” noise when they are “sliced” apart. Plus, the “cutting” design of the pieces helps facilitate the use of fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. That’s definitely a nice bonus feature for such a fun toy! Buy on Amazon.

5. Learning Resources – Fresh Picked Fruit And Veggies


A good option for teaching young children about fresh fruits and vegetables is this play food set from Learning Resources. Made with a durable BPA-free plastic, this set includes sixteen brightly colored healthy food choices. Their soft plastic design makes them easy-to-hold and safe for kids as young as two years old.

This fun set also includes a canvas tote bag that can hold all of their “freshly picked” fruits and veggies. It definitely makes an awesome accessory to add to both play kitchen sets and grocery store play sets. Buy on Amazon.

6. Learning Resources – Farmers Market Color Sorting


This is another fun play food set from Learning Resources. Made with BPA-free plastic, this set comes with twenty-five pieces of food, five bins and an activity guide. Designed for children aged three to six years, this play food set makes a great addition to any kitchen play set.

The range of fruits and veggies allows you to teach kids about farm grown foods and having healthy eating habits. The bins come with nice labels that encourage color recognition and sorting skills while providing tons of fun. Plus, they easily double as handy storage containers at clean-up time. Buy on Amazon.

7. Melissa & Doug – Wooden Sandwich-Making Set


This sandwich-making set from Melissa & Doug is a fun way to add to your child’s play kitchen. It is made with durable, high-quality wood and lead-free paints to keep your kids safe while they play.

This set allows children aged three to five the opportunity to “cut” fresh ingredients and create their ideal sandwiches. Each ingredient is held together with Velcro tabs. These provide a satisfactory “crunch” sound when “sliced” apart and help hold the completed sandwiches together for easier handling. As an added bonus, the wooden storage tray doubles as a cutting board or serving tray! Buy on Amazon.

8. Little Tikes – Backyard Barbeque Grillin’ Goodies


This play food set is the perfect addition to any toy kitchen or grill set. It includes two hamburgers, two hot dogs, condiments, veggie toppings, two sets of cutlery with napkins and some grilling utensils. That’s enough pieces for at least two kids, aged three years and over, to share a nice barbecue lunch!

This particular set not only encourages imaginative play, but it also helps children develop important social skills like sharing. Made from a durable BPA-free plastic, this toy food set is specially designed to withstand years of rigorous play. Buy on Amazon.

9. Melissa & Doug – Ice Cream Scoop Set


This ice cream scoop set available from Melissa & Doug will look great in the freezer of your child’s play kitchen! To ensure safety, the set is made with a nice combination of sturdy wood and BPA-free plastic. Small internal magnets are also used to help hold all of the pieces together.

This set is specially designed to allow two kids–aged three to five years–to share a “frozen” treat together. It encourages them to build social skills and facilitates the use of fine motor skills while still providing plenty of fun. A perfectly sweet way to spend any afternoon! Buy on Amazon.

10. Small World Toys – Peel ‘N’ Play 13-Piece Playset


This food set is another fun option for kids to learn about fresh vegetables and healthy eating habits! The set is made with durable BPA-free plastic and each food item is held together by small Velcro tabs. Specially designed for children three to five years old, this play set encourages hours of imaginative play.

This particular play food set includes a plastic cutting board, a plastic knife and eleven healthy vegetables. The Velcro on the food items allow kids to “peel” and “slice” fresh ingredients while they pretend to cook. After playtime, the pieces fit right back together for easy storage. Always a winning feature for any toy to have. Buy on Amazon.

There are many, many more play food sets that you can buy to accompany your child’s toy kitchen sets. These, however, are the most popular choices on the market right now. Check them all out for yourself and you’ll easily see why!

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